Account Based Sales Development

Our account based sales development service involves lead generation and appointment setting, to generate highly qualified business opportunities with the
key named accounts you want to meet.

Want to get face to face with your prospects?

Building a professional relationship with your biggest prospects on an account by account basis is what we excel at. Using sales intelligence and social listening tools, we'll establish important information about each of your key accounts, including 'trigger events' which allow us to get in touch in a personalised, intelligent way.

Punch! will connect with your key accounts through a multi channel outreach strategy which involves research driven phone calls, personalised emails and social touch points. We’re comfortable establishing relationships with senior executives and discussing their needs, while at all times reflecting your brand.

By building a pipeline of qualified opportunities, Punch! set appointments that are of value to you and your business, so that when prospects are ready to buy, you’ll be in the best position to win business from them.

Punch! generated on average three qualified sales leads per day for our customer StaffConnect.