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The Case for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) [Slideshare]

By Holly Spooner

Case for Account-Based Marketing

In the past, the idea of tailoring your marketing outreach on an account by account basis would have been dismissed as a costly and time consuming endeavour. With the rise of marketing automation tools and as it is easier than ever to identify buying signals, account-based marketing now provides a better ROI than any other […]


What is Intent Data? – How to Use it in ABM

By Jonathan Penny

Intent Data

As I’m sure you’re aware, tools like Hubspot have made it possible to track which companies are looking at your website… however, what if you could get hold of data that tracks the online behaviour of all of your target accounts, across the whole of the world wide web? Cue Intent Data – your ABM teams new best friend!


What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

By James Snider

What is ABM?

While it may seem like a new and radical approach, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a lead generation strategy that has actually been leveraged by businesses for many years. It began when marketing professionals tried flipping the traditional marketing triangle on its head, targeting key companies as opposed to trying to target entire industries at once. […]