Inbound Marketing


Through the creation and delivery of content that really speaks to your customers, Punch!’s B2B inbound marketing service enhances the online presence of your brand, and helps you generate more leads and enquiries.

01 / Knowing Your Market

It’s absolutely vital for any business to understand their customers and at Punch!, we make it our business to understand yours.

Every buyer is different, but every business will also have an ideal customer, or ‘buying persona’ who encompasses the qualities shared by all of your customers.

By asking the right questions, we can establish just who you should be targeting and how best to reach them online. What are their needs? What goals do they have? What challenges are they facing and how do they solve them? Where do they get the information to do so?

Punch! begin the process of building up a complete picture of your buying persona and the industry they work in, and then create targeted content designed to organically pull them towards your brand.

02 / Developing Content

The next stage is to develop content that’s not only informative and valuable, but is guaranteed to catch the attention of the people that need your services.

Following the learning process that we’ve gone through, we’ll have a clear idea of who you should be targeting and what they want.
Blogs, infographics, top-ten lists and ‘how-to’ videos are examples of just some of the ways we’ll raise awareness of your brand.

Our aim is to turn you into a ‘thought leader’, a trusted and reliable source of information for your buying personas. It’s a way of drawing in your ideal customers with content that provides useful advice, poses questions or even gives them something to smile about, without them feeling like they’re being ‘marketed’ to.

03 / Building Links

Now we’ve created the thought-provoking content that your potential customers are going to be interested in, the task is get it into the right online spaces, and to make sure it gets seen by the right prospects.

By using the information and research carried out at the start of the journey, we’ll have a clear idea of the places that your buying personas spend their time online. Blogs that they visit, forums that they frequent, industry magazines that they read, and the social media that they use, all provide an opportunity to offer engaging content that will drive future customers to your site.

With our expertise in reaching out and building relationships over the phone, we can get that all-important content onto both paid and earned channels, making sure it’s seen by those prospects that are most likely to buy, and directing them back to your website to take them on the next stage of the journey.

04 / Nurturing Leads

Your potential customers are visiting your website, and engaging with your content. At the next stage of the journey, we’ll begin the process of turning these visitors into leads.

We do this by providing more targeted pieces of content and enticing your prospects in with calls-to-action.
Content targeted at those closer to the point of purchase can come in the form of e-guides, webinars, white papers, product demonstrations or case studies, and they compel your visitors to engage with your website at a deeper level.

Through ‘gating’ this content, allowing your visitors to download the information through a short contact form, we can capture their information and convert these visitors into leads.

05 / Using Analytics

Even after your visitors have become leads, and the leads are on the road to becoming customers, there’s more work to be done. Punch! use analytics to see how our marketing is improving your inbound traffic, meaning we can target your prospects even more effectively.

Using our lead scoring system we assign values to each of your web visitors based on their activity. What pages did they visit? How long did they remain on the site? What content did they download? All these metrics and more allow us to build up a better idea of how our strategy is performing.

We can see what’s working well and do more of it, we can check if anything can be improved and make the right changes, and we can provide you with all the information on the warmest leads for your sales team to close on.

Alternatively, our professional sales development team can continue the journey for you!


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