Data Research

Good quality data is the cornerstone of your sales development activity.  Our data research service enriches your data with market intelligence, meaning that every approach Punch! makes is tailored to that particular prospect.

How much more could you learn about your prospects?

A one-size-fits-all approach will no longer cut it with the savvy buyers of today. Any approach to the modern buyer needs to be tailored specifically to them. By using up-to-date market intelligence and approaching each prospect in a bespoke way, we spend less time calling prospects who aren't likely to buy, and more time calling the prospects who are.

We have a dedicated in-house lead researcher, who will take each and every prospect that you’re reaching out to and make sure that we have not only their full contact details, but information relevant to the industry in general, the company and the prospect themselves.

This means that when our team make calls to your potential customers, they’re able to adopt a ‘buyer-centric’ approach. If someone called you and they’d taken the time to learn about your company and referenced a recent change at the business, wouldn’t you be more likely to have a conversation?

How did Rothschild use Data Research to create more opportunities?